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Please Contact receptionist for details about the different types of check-up Kindly choose the class/schedule which you wish to undergo, collect the instruction sheet from the MHC reception and make the payment at the cash counter by cash/ credit card. After this, the receptionist will guide you through various steps you need to follow. The following points need to be followed to complete the master health check-up. 1. Make sure that you are on an empty stomach. (Not even coffee or tea.) 2. Ensure that you have been fasting for 12 hours before giving your first blood sample. (You may have your dinner at 8.00 pm the previous night, after which you should take only water). 3. No exercise or exertion in the morning before the first blood sample is given. 4. If you are a known diabetic, please come on an empty stomach in the morning, give fasting blood sugar and then take the regular diabetic medication before giving the post prandial blood sugar. 5. You must not eat or drink anything until you complete the course of the basic MHC tests (first blood and urine samples) 6. After giving the first blood and urine samples, chest X-Ray, ECG and Ultrasound (if advised) will be taken 7. Additional charges will be collected from you if additional tests are recommended by the doctor/consultants, and the time taken for undergoing these tests will also be more. 8. Any reports of the above additional tests should be immediately handed over to the incharge for inclusion in the final report. 9. reports are usually handed over to you on the following day by the consultant who examined you. 10. For the attention of female patients: If you are pregnant or if there is any suspicion of pregnancy please do not undergo Chest X-Ray. Please inform the incharge about it.